Tree Stumps Got You Stumped?

Tree Stumps Got You Stumped?

Call our tree care pros for stump grinding in DeRidder and the surrounding areas

Now that you have removed that problem tree, you still have a stump left behind! You can call Welborn Tree Service, Inc. to remove it.

Welborn Tree Service in DeRidder, LA provides stump grinding services to residential and commercial clients in DeRidder and the surrounding areas.
We can remove stumps of any size, no matter how many there may be in your yard. Our experts can give you a smooth, beautiful lawn again. Discuss your needs with us today to schedule service.

3 reasons to get rid of that bothersome stump

You may not want to bother with removing a tree stump from your yard, but consider:

  1. Children could trip over them
  2. They can attract insects like beetles, termites and ants
  3. They’re hard to maneuver around while mowing or weeding your lawn

Don’t let a tree stump ruin the appearance of your yard or pose a danger to the neighbors. Call Welborn Tree Service, Inc. today to remove that stump ASAP.